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SharePoint in Outlook. How to Integrate Outlook and SharePoint

Access SharePoint Contents in Outlook. Perform SharePoint Records Management functions from Outlook

SharePoint contents in Outlook

    View SharePoint contents in Outlook and preview of documents
  1. PageLight Outlook folders are bound to SharePoint document library or folders.

  2. Contents from SharePoint or Office 365 can be viewed in Outlook

  3. Preview of Office files using Office Web Apps

  4. Local preview of Outlook message files without the need to download from SharePoint

SharePoint views in Outlook

    Document library views in Outlook
  1. Access views created for document library in Outlook

  2. PageLight supports grouping, sorting and filter of view data

SharePoint Records Management from Outlook

    SharePoint Check in, Check out, Audit trail, Versioning from Outlook
  1. Access Compliance and Records Management functions of SharePoint from Outlook

  2. Document Management Solution functionalities like Check In, Check Out, Version History, Saving Contents as Major and Minor Version can be executed from Outlook

Send SharePoint contents as Email attachments and Links

    SharePoint documents in libraries and folders can be sent as email attachments and links
  1. SharePoint contents can be attached as Email or sent as link from Outlook

  2. Emails can be generated from desktop with SharePoint contents

Search SharePoint contents from Outlook

    Search contents of SharePoint or Office 365 document libraries from Outlook
  1. Search SharePoint contents from Outlook

  2. The contents in search results can be sent as Email Attachment or Link

  3. Search can be performed across the site or limited to document library

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SharePoint Integration with Outlook and Office Applications
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