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How to attach SharePoint documents to Outlook outgoing Emails

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How to Attach SharePoint Contents to Outlook Emails

This can be accomplished by one of the following three ways

  1. Attach contents directly in the compose email message window

  2. PageLight folder are bound to SharePoint location. Select the documents and compose a new email message with selected contents attached

  3. Outside Outlook environment, SharePoint contents can be browsed, document selected and new email message will be composed with contents attached

Attaching Contents from Email Message

  1. Compose new Email message or reply to an Email

  2. Click the ‘SharePoint Library’ button in the mail ribbon. SharePoint Library Task pane will open

  3. Enter the SharePoint location or select from the previously connected sites

  4. SharePoint library can be opened in Outlook email task pane
  5. Document library in the sites are listed

  6. Double click the document library to view its contents

  7. Contents can be added as actual attachment or as link to the contents in SharePoint. Choose former if email has to be sent to external parties

  8. Select one or more documents and right click to display the options. Click Send and choose ‘Send Attachment’ or ‘Email Link’

  9. Add SharePoint contents as attachments or link in outgoing email messages
  10. Contents are added as Attachments or Links in the email message

Creating New Email from PageLight Folder

  1. PageLight folders on the left hand side are bound to SharePoint document libraries

  2. Click the PageLight folder and the SharePoint contents are displayed along with folder structure

  3. Select one or more documents and right click. The options are visible and click the ‘Send’ link

  4. View SharePoint documents and contents within Outlook
  5. Select ‘Send Attachment’ if contents need to be added as Attachments in the email

  6. Select ‘Email Link’ if the links to the SharePoint contents are added to the email body

  7. New email window will be opened with SharePoint contents added

Compose Email Outside Outlook

  1. Open the ‘PageLight Connect’ application.

  2. Previously opened SharePoint sites are visible in the left hand side. New SharePoint location can be connected by clicking the ‘Add Site’ button

  3. Expand the tree to browse through the Site, Sub site and Document libraries

  4. Contents of the document libraries are visible in the ‘Location Content’ tab

  5. Select one or more documents and right click. The menu options are visible and the click ‘Send’ link

  6. Based on the requirement either chose ‘Send Attachment’ or ‘Email Link’

  7. If Outlook is not running, Outlook is opened, new Email message is composed and contents added as attachment or link to SharePoint documents

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