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How to Drag and Drop Emails from Outlook to SharePoint

Get Emails in SharePoint by simple drag and drop. Single or multiple emails copied to SharePoint for records management

Drag and Drop Incoming Outlook Emails to SharePoint

  1. PageLight folders on the left hand side are bound to SharePoint document libraries

  2. Select one or more Email messages from Inbox or any folders, and drag it to the PageLight folder. Email messages are uploaded to SharePoint. This is similar to adding Email messages to Exchange Public folders

  3. Drag and Drop Emails into SharePoint or Office 365.  Connect Email and SharePoint
  4. Emails are saved with standard Email attributes like To, CC, Subject, Body and other properties

  5. Emails are stored in SharePoint in native format with any attachments available. Emails saved in SharePoint can be previewed from Outlook.

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