Dynamics CRM implementation case study at Brother Industries, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines

Premier electronics company takes charge with Dynamics CRM

Transforming service challenges into opportunities with business process improvements


Brother Industries is worlds' leading manufacturer of consumer products like Printers, Scanners and Sewing machines. Brother has a stated objective to provide best

service experience for their customers. Brother service department consists of Call center, internal engineers and third party service providers. Managing the process spread across Brother service department and multiple vendors was proving to be difficult. Over years the data was spread in Lotus Notes database, Excel and other custom applications to support multiple channels of customer communications.

Brother noted inefficiency in handling customer cases with external engineers and also vendor billing for services provided could not be validated with ease. Parts inventory and finance was managed through SAP ERP system and existing application did not provide real time integration for parts lookup like pricing, availability and replacement part suggestion for engineers, based on product model of equipment currently serviced. The system lacked 360 degree view of current business parameters and management could not respond to changing needs.

Brother understood that the challenges can be solved by a CRM solution and when they wanted to chose the correct CRM, the requirement is that the solution must involve minimal training and system must be familiar to users. Brother reviewed leading software packages and ultimately chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM' flexibility to integrate with Outlook, allowing users to launch and conduct their day to day business from Outlook helped business to decide on Dynamics CRM as service platform.

Brother Works

Sai Innovations deployed CRM in a phased approach. Dynamics CRM was implemented in Service department and existing data in legacy Lotus Notes application was migrated by Sai CRM Migration services. Current process bottlenecks like vendor communication through fax, manual payment approval process, offline ERP integration, inability to convert phone calls to cases and eventual resource management were identified and rectified in the new system. CRM was rolled out to 4 countries with local customizations implemented as required.

ASP Portal

Service department is augmented by outsourced Authorized Service Providers (ASP). Case information must be distributed to ASP engineers and updated once the case is completed. External engineers can now review the Case details, and order parts for the repair to be performed through ASP Portal. Once the parts are approved, the details are posted to SAP ERP system. Engineers can also create Quote and Invoice.

Complete solution

Brother Works completely automates business process for service department, namely Parts Management, Service Management, and Vendor Management. Managers can review the case status and vendor performance from portal. With sales, and marketing departments integrated, operations staff now has only one tool to look at all customer touch points like, managing warranties, sales promotions and target selling of new products.

"Dynamics CRM was a clear winner for its ease of use and strong vendor support. Outlook integration with CRM made the platform selection decision easier as users are very familiar with the interface. Microsoft' CRM cloud offering allowed Brother to rollout CRM to multiple countries with minimal IT investments "

"ASP Portal exposes the CRM data and process to external engineers without the need to add them to Brother network and also not requiring to purchase individual CRM licenses"