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Confidently transform business with Dynamics CRM and we can help

SAI’s CRM transformation services will be your CRM partner to implement the business objectives like creating visibility in the organization or aligning Sales and Marketing with Service.

Following are the overview of SAI CRM engagement

1. Define CRM strategy

SAI will study the existing business process and technology landscape to develop a CRM Maturity model. This will provide a road map from current state to an expected end state with steps and process changes to be implemented.

2. CRM Deployment choice

SAI will make recommendation on the choice model of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation based on the user experience and business requirements.

SAI has experience in deploying CRM in all of the following choices

  1. On Premise
  2. Partner Hosted
  3. CRM online
  4. Hybrid

3. CRM Customization, Development and Implementation

SAI's preferred methodology is to customize CRM framework to implement business process.

Dynamics CRM is built on .NET framework and can be extended to develop third party applications like custom workflow, integration with LOB or build application-rich plug in.

4. Dashboard and Business Analytics

SAI will develop rich business intelligence tools and make it available in SharePoint collaboration environment. The logical analysis of business data will be presented as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Key Risk Indicators (KRI) in the way business finds it useful.

SAI Dynamics CRM business analytics and BI stack

Some of the examples of SAI’s analytics implementations are

  1. Sales Management Reporting, measuring the pipeline and providing visibility into sales effort vs. expected sales goals
  2. Trend Analysis for better decision making based on historical data and projections.
  3. Management Dashboard of current state of the business with drill down capability and track organizational benchmarks

Extend Dynamics CRM framework to build industry specific solutions, integrated with enterprise technology stack. CRM provides the infrastructure to deliver line of business applications for any organization and any industry, available in Clod and served through Microsoft Outlook.

SAI XRM platform

Think beyond just Customers, Social CRM in works

Dynamics CRM can track any business entities and related process much beyond Customer relationship.

SAI XRM reference architecture

Line of business applications for any industries.  Integrate CRM with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

SAI CRM methodology provides framework for implementation of Dynamics CRM solution for common CRM project types.

Dynamics CRM Implementation Methodology and CRM best practices.
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