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Sustainability in Wealth Creation to Family legacy across multi-generational families

CRM Solutions for Private Wealth Advisors to support wealthy families. Everything to operate a family office, manager due diligence to managing investment relationship,

Investment Platform for Family offices is built on Dynamics CRM platform and implements the best practices of working with successful, global, and multi-generational families. Family office or Single family office (SFO) can now manage investment, trusts, property management, day-to-day accounting, payroll activities, and legal affairs.

Investment pipe-line tracking, client communication and reporting, and best practices in a secure platform
SAI solution for Family Offices provides the following functionalities

Manager due diligence and selection

Implements framework for advisors to derive their investment decisions based on process, checklist, and questionnaire. Opportunities can be sourced and filtered based on Portfolio sustainability, and Independent research.

Research Management

Investment policy and decision making with the help of crucial real-time research data feed, automatically filtered, and tagged for funds of interests.

Portfolio Management and Performance Reporting

Monitor account performance with support for fixed income funds and hedge fund redemptions. Portfolio accounting (transaction-level detail) and performance analytics based on asset allocations.

Regulatory and Financial Compliance

Proactive rule checking to define trading and portfolio policies. Automate preventive trade validation, overrides, and process to check pre and post trade compliance. Test and record compliance and compare with client commitments.

Trading and Order Management

Workflow to manage Portfolio construction (Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing), Trading Execution, Post Trade (Allocation and Custodial Notification) and Compliance (Pre and post trade)

Manage non-financial best practices

Help clients with Family Cohesiveness, Strategic Planning, Philanthropy, Family Governance, and Trustee & Beneficiary Relationship.

Family Office solution is built on Dynamics CRM infrastructure and made available as Cloud offering for Advisor and Clients. Client management solution can be implemented and customized to suit your business management process based on following features

  • Private Investment Allocation & Implementation
  • Manage Investor relations, ensure due diligence and SEC compliance
  • Audit Trail and Relationship Tree, offering flexible view of complex client interrelationship
  • Account aggregation
  • Customized accounting and Reporting
  • Portfolio reporting available through customer portal
  • Strategic risk planning and Insurance planning
  • Custodial data reconciliation
  • Accounting Services
  • Trust & Estates Planning
  • Family Philanthropy and Foundations
  • Family Mission and Governance
  • Residence Management & Staffing

SAI solution will help the Family Offices overcome the challenges of managing the relationship among family members and their wealth growth. Family offices can serve as a trusted partner that ensures every task associated with the family’s wealth is handled.

  1. Deliver objective advice, based on strong due diligence to achieve the results required by wealthy families.
  2. Develop and implement a well thought out investment strategy based on current and future lifestyle, philanthropy, and opportunistic growth options available.
  3. Consolidated inquiry and statements - Easy to understand reports for customers that removes the complexity associated with financial investment interactions.
  4. Multi-currency support and easily customizable regulation engine helps Family offices reach out new markets.
  5. Collaboration with internal resources and client' team of advisors to develop solutions for challenges faced in estate, tax, risk management and family governance,
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