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Value chain for Carriers, Agents, and Customers in an Insurance Eco system

CRM Solution on Cloud for Carriers to End Agents, for managing Customer enrollment, Renewal and Cross sell

SAI Insurance solution helps Carriers build closer relationship with Agents and Brokers providing real time collaboration, for better service of distribution channel. Agents, Adjustor and Executive will have a consolidated client details presented in business process to target customers with appropriate product.

Manage data and process with improved business intelligence for gains in service and sales productivity

Dynamics CRM available in Outlook helps Agents and Brokersstreamline their customer interaction

SAI solution for Insurance industry provides the following functionalities

Effective Distribution Channel

Tight integration between Carriers and Agents, helping Customers with positive experience

  • Integrate with Broker office offering automatic product update and real time quotation
  • Business intelligence based on sales information can be used to develop products with market potential and reduced risk

Obtain information about client, claims, product, and policy in one consolidated view Identify opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell of other financial products


Consistent information from Call center, Portal and Agents increases confidence and satisfaction

Effective Client Interaction

  • Business intelligence for product-risk decision during sales process
  • Implement and track business process for repeatable process increasing client trust
  • Workflow for customer interaction with validation at each touch point

Campaign Management

Identify policies up for renewal and creating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Run multi-touch marketing campaigns or ad hoc campaigns based on simple to grow book of business.

Manage Agents

Identify training needs for Agents based on performance

Provide touch points and assistance when KPI is not achieved

Commission Tracking

Balance incoming carrier commissions, outgoing producer commissions and splits.

Policy Management

Life and Non-life policy (Auto, Home owners, Property, Casualty, Health, Employee Benefits) tracking and sales

Exclusion details for the policy

Deductions, premiums and coverage details on policy

Renewals triggering campaign management

Review Active and Expired Policies for a customer with deductibles, premiums and expiration / renewal dates.

Claims Management

Centralized claims information

Track first notice of loss

Claim assignment to adjustor

View claims by contact and claim history

Business Intelligence and Executive Dashboard

Develop right products to market

Identify performing products and potential for growth

Track agent performance

SAI implementation methodologies for Insurance industry can customize your customer lifecycle process to empower insurance agents to develop opportunities and deepen client relationship.

Solution can be delivered through Outlook from Dynamics CRM Cloud infrastructure with following features

Sales Pipeline Management
  • Holistic account management
  • Lead generation and routing
  • Automated alerts and workflow for cross-sell and up-sell
  • Mobile and Offline access of customer data

Effective Marketing Platform

  • Full agency campaign
  • Client follow-up with mail-merge and email templates
  • Campaign management - Budget, Process and Tasks
  • Lead data cleansing and de-duplication

Customer Service

  • Self-service Portal
  • Call queuing and automated routing
  • Service scheduling
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Service contracts
  • Household management

SAI Value Addition

  • Integration of existing legacy applications to provide a holistic view of customer details in one screen
  • Comprehensive CRM solution, from campaign leads generation to member enrollment and renewal.
  • Reduce implementation and adoption risk with help of SAI change management process

SAI CRM consulting will help overcome the lack of integration between agents and carrier system to achieve sales and service goals. End results are improved Customer management; profitable opportunities identified and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  1. Attract and retain top talent - Increase market share from Agents by providing correct information through Outlook® or a Web browser. Solution will be so easy to use with less or no training.
  2. Profitable client relationships - 360 degree view of clients (Households, Claim history, Policy, and Payment history) helps agents with information they need to grow their book of business.
  3. Operational management - Risk assessment and Risk Management for asset/investment tracking
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