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How to Save Email Attachments to SharePoint

Collaborate with team by saving Email attachments to SharePoint

Save Attachments of Incoming Email Messages

  1. Drag and drop the attachments from email body to the PageLight folders

  2. Right click the attachments and select ‘Save to SharePoint’ option and ‘Save to SharePoint’ window will open allowing users to select the SharePoint location

  3. Single or multiple attachments can be selected and uploaded to SharePoint

Save Attachments of Outgoing Email Messages

  1. Attach a file to new email message. PageLight can be configured to suggest users to save the attachment to SharePoint, based on the file size and instead send the link to the file.

  2. Send the email. PageLight can prompt for all outgoing messages to be saved in SharePoint.

  3. ‘Save to SharePoint’ window opens to select the destination location and apply any Metadata during the save process

Email Option Configurations

  1. Select the ‘PageLight Mail’ group from Outlook ribbon.Click the Settings button

  2. PageLight configuration window will open

  3. Configure PageLight to save outgoing emails in SharePoint
  4. When “Prompt to ‘Save to SharePoint’ when adding attachments to email” is selected, users will be prompted with option of saving to SharePoint when the file size is more than specified in the settings

  5. When ‘Prompt to ‘Save to SharePoint’ when sending emails’ is selected all outgoing emails will be prompted to be saved in SharePoint

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