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Cushman migrates, manages and protects its critical SharePoint Environment

Appraisal department of Cushman & Wakefield offers evaluation of commercial properties for their investment banking clients. The firm uses SharePoint as infrastructure platform for appraisal creation, storing market and
management Portal for resource allocation and performance review.

The Challenge

The current SharePoint 2003 environment had 1 TB on a single content database. About 80,000 sites were in a single site collection and bloated database was causing backup problems and single document restores were difficult to achieve. The company wanted to migrate to SharePoint 2013 to take advantage of increased user productivity in terms of social networking, shredded storage and also FAST search technology.

The migration team quickly identified the challenges of migrating from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2013. One option was to migrate using database upgrade to 2007, then to 2010 and followed with upgrade to 2013. Also content size of 1 TB was daunting to be a database upgrade in the above suggested manner.

Sai Innovations worked with Cushman to devise a strategy to migrate only the relevant contents to SharePoint 2013. The business also required the new environment to provide document assembly functionality for easy building of appraisal based on wizard and ability to store and mange emails in SharePoint.

The Solution

Sai Innovations relied on PageLight, our document and email management solution for SharePoint to realize Cushman' strategy.

  • Copy and Paste Migration

    PageLight provided a copy-and-paste-user interface to migrate all SharePoint sites, libraries, lists, web parts and permissions between 2003 and 2013 environment.

  • Email Management

    Email and document management functionality allowed business users to store and index emails and file share contents in SharePoint wit simple drag-and-drop user interface

  • Document Assembly

    Office 2013 templates were rolled out and ribbon interface is constructed in real time based on template selected. The screen dialog allows user prompt to be capture inputs and documents are constructed in real time, based on settings specific to each branch location.

  • Increased findability

    Custom developed Search Apps allowed finding contents based on metadata. Business can customize the search screens based on department needs and user roles. Search results provided preview of the contents, export to PDF and publish to user news feeds.

The Results

Single site collection was migrated to 6 site collections and each content database was less than 100 GB. Appraisers can now interact and work collaboratively with social networking functionalities, so they can be notified when a document is updated or if users have commented on a discussion. PageLight improved the Site Mailboxes functionality of SharePoint 2013 allowing users to store emails in relevant site with metadata and content types.

"PageLight covered all the touch points of Cushman Wakefield' formulated SharePoint strategy. The site was migrated with reduced storage size with the ability to manage emails in SharePoint"

"One critical need was the automated job scheduling, requiring migration to occur during off-peak hours, limiting business disruption. Since the legacy data was changing continuously, the process must migrate the deltas during the course of engagement"