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Collaboration and Project Management Solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Manage and track email communications and engineering documents in SharePoint, for collaboration between clients, contractors and employees.

PageLight Solutions for AEC Industry

  • Document and Email Management for project related artifacts like CAD drawings, email attachments, RFI and purchase orders in SharePoint
  • Convert contents from multiple formats to PDF for easier collaboration
  • SharePoint used as centralized location to host all Project documents
  • Drive SharePoint as Records and Archival environment to enforce company and industry regulations

Document Management for project driven engineering industries

Implement and manage the Information Life Cycle Management process, supporting the engineering companies from Content Creation, Management and Distribution.

 SharePoint DMS for Engineering and construction

Collaboration Apps, Document and email management for Architecture, Engineering and

Content Creation

Import project related contents like CAD, emails and Office documents from File share, Office applications and Outlook

Create and convert documents to PDF and store in SharePoint directly

Content Management

Apply Project based Metadata automatically when filing contents in SharePoint

Promote Outlook as DM desktop. SharePoint libraries visible as Outlook folders.

View SharePoint content in native applications or in Outlook

Content Delivery

Search and find documents based on Project details

Distribute SharePoint contents as attachments or links

Integrate with business process to implement approvals and regulatory compliance

ECM records management for architecture construction companies

Centrally managed Role based DM configurations

Enterprise deployment of PageLight solutions

Document Management solution can be deployed and managed for all users centrally. SharePoint libraries mapped to Outlook folders and Metadata extraction rules can be pushed to users based on their roles and responsibilities. Microsoft SharePoint destinations are available when adding contents from File Explorer and Office applications without any end user effort

SharePoint Integration with Outlook and Office Applications
Discover Document and Email Management solutions for SharePoint.