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Sanofi drives collaboration with SharePoint Intranet

Finding contents, people and experts - Anywhere, Anyplace and Anytime


Sanofi Aventis prides itself with innovative R&D division for bringing medicines faster to market. The pharmaceutical company wanted to provide its thousands of employees with a single, centralized source of information

and expertise. With drive to improve social engagement across teams, departments and projects, SharePoint 2013 was chosen to offer enterprise social platform to connect employees with experts and contents.

Truly Global Solution

Sanofi Aventis Singapore initiated the delivery of global collaboration portal solution. Vision was to develop a single intranet platform which could be easily adopted by other Sanofi subsidiary countries with little customizations. Business wanted managers to detail the services their department provides. Though intranet was to provide standard features like corporate news, product launches and employee directory, the emphasis was placed on the rollout Social sites. New enterprise portal, with integrated social networking capabilities, metadata tagging and enterprise search was stated objective of the project.

Social Sites

Sanofi wanted to break the communication barrier among people working on projects and encourage free flow of ideas among employees across its geographic as well as its management structure. Employees can self provision SharePoint social sites, without IT involvement which encourages interpersonal communications, review of ideas, un-structured Face book like discussions, 'merit badges' that recognize peers for jobs well-done, and timely newsletters to communicate with all stake holders on strategic matters.

Social Search Experience

End users can engage with colleagues through My Sites. Finding resources with specific skills became more easier with social search. Employees now have faster access to the specific skills and knowledge areas with which they needed help, instead of waiting for questions addressed through formal communication channels. Following a user allowed them to read their Blog contents or discussion participations. My Sites also provided a landing page to access all the SharePoint sites users had access to.

The Results

Social community sites for departments and projects were an instant success. Users can ask departments, questions about their services and anyone following the community can answer, providing a true collaboration. Product managers can interact with external sales managers about product questions and other regulatory compliance questions. The community provides the Sales team with accountability, response tracking, and visibility into how successful the sales team is functioning.

The communities rely on the “Post a Question,” ”Submit an Idea,” and hash tag features of Social Sites. Popularity of Face book made the acceptance of Social sites easier with less or no training. Micro blogging with social features including” Like", "Sharing", "Marking for follow up" were adopted instantly. Partner extranet, also powered by Social sites extended communication and collaboration of sales team to distribution channels outside company firewall in a secure way.

"Portal transferred the way people interacted and connected them with common objectives. Availability of contents every time and everywhere ignited employee’ interests in Intranet"

"My Sites and User Profile enabled searching and connecting people. Portal facilitated knowledge sharing and formed a networked social enterprise. Staying connected and getting quick answers were the objectives of Social sites, leading to a open, social and engaged employees and productive business"