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Streamline process for creating, collecting, routing and sharing patient information

Manage clinical information from creation to disposal with SharePoint Electronic Document Management solution. Document scanning, email management, clinical forms, and workflow customized to provide access to medical records in a secure way.

PageLight SharePoint ECM Solutions for Healthcare

Overcome the challenges of providing the latest patient information to health care professionals, anywhere and anytime

  • Provide accurate clinical information to different types of medical professionals like Physicians, Lab Technicians and caregivers
  • Satisfy the licenses requirements and privacy/security regulations
  • Comply with eDiscovery requests
  • Provide a holistic view of patients records
SharePoint hippa DMS services for health care

SharePoint Document and Email Management for Healthcare

Enterprise Content Management in Healthcare

Central and secure digital repository for all patient medical information like Electronic medical records, Lab results, Medical images, and Emails
Present the records across different departments, and people based on security roles
Search based on patient information, powered by SharePoint to quickly locate information
Workflow for routing of medical records to providers for immediate attention
Print contents stored in SharePoint directly

Compliance made easy for Healthcare

HIPAA compliant healthcare solution providing comprehensive security to protect sensitive patient data while allowing instant access to authorized personal.
Audit trail to validate retention rules for different document types
Documented disposal of expired document
Minimize the risk of releasing PHI information by providing role based access to patient information
SharePoint Integration with Outlook and Office Applications
Discover Document and Email Management solutions for SharePoint.